Free Form House Competition. House built by 3D printing
Place:USA, Tennessee, Chattanooga

Creating a project of a house for subsequent construction using vertical 3D printing with the use of “Branch Technology” technology.

The first step was the analysis of the context (search for optimal species points) and the layout of the premises in accordance with the program.
The second step is the search for the optimal design scheme for this 3D printing method, taking into account the properties of the material used. ABS plastic works well in tension and compression. That allows you to use different design schemes in this case, the shell was chosen due to the good ratio of strength and material consumption.
The third step is to optimize the shell in accordance with the features of climate and insolation. Due to the hot climate, the main task was to reduce the overheating of the outer walls. To prevent overheating of the southern walls, hollow walls are provided, which create an air pocket that prevents overheating, strengthens the overall structure, and also makes it possible to accommodate engineering communications.
The final form is a compromise between a number of parameters: the program, the context, the way of printing, the structure and specifics of the climate.

Construction process.
The most optimal process for filling voids in the frame is the use of polyurethane foam, this will ensure the impermeability of the enclosing structure, improve thermal insulation and improve the work of the structure in compression. The foundation of the building is a thin concrete slab. ETFE pillows are used for the roof light. PVC membrane is used to cover the structure.