Digital Fabrication – Panel With Chrome Effect

The result of the study of the processes that influence the formation of an architectural solution in digital fabrication was a dynamic mirror panel with a chrome effect, visually continuing the idea of the intangibility of the facade of the mansion – “Soaring House”.

The decorative panel is produced by the method of digital robotic fabrication according to a three-dimensional model, the basis of which is a surface generated by a repeatedly repeating sinusoid.

The surface of the panel has been refined and optimized to create a chrome effect. For this, special materials and technologies were used to achieve a high reflectivity of the surface.

The panel is an abstract pattern made up of many curves and lines that give the impression of movement and dynamism. Due to the use of a mirror surface, the panel acquires different shades depending on the lighting and viewing angle.

Such a work is ideal for use in the interiors of modern buildings, creating the impression of weightlessness and lightness. It can be used as an independent element of decor, or in combination with other interior elements.

Thus, digital fabrication makes it possible to create unique and original decorative elements that are not only objects of aesthetic pleasure, but also emphasize an innovative approach to design and construction.

Панно хром-эффект | Проект Парящий дом | VForm

Панно хром-эффект | Проект Парящий дом | VForm

Панно хром-эффект | Проект Парящий дом | VForm