Digital Fabrication – Principles For The Forming Of Architectural Solutions

Creative research in the field of shaping and digital production are reflected in the article by Vladislav Bek-Bulatov – PRINCIPLES FOR FORMING ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS USING DIGITAL PRODUCTION. DOI: 10.23968/BIMAC.2023.039

This article discusses modern achievements in this area, pays attention to modern methods of digital fabrication, including additive ones, the use of various materials: metal, stone, concrete, polymers, glass. An analysis is given of the impact that digital production has on the formation of architectural solutions on the example of finished objects, difficulties that arise in the process of project implementation, ways to solve them. The development of digital fabrication technologies is predicted, constraints and ways to overcome them are assessed.

The full text of the article can be found at the link Vladislav_Bek-Bulatov_ PRINCIPLES FOR FORMING ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS USING DIGITAL FABRICATION